Inconsiderate drivers?

Hello all.

I use a mobility scooter locally for nipping down to the shop etc. I have to use a zebra crossing to get to where I am going and it always amazes me how I seem to become invisible to so many drivers! Worse than that though, recently I have the feeling that many drivers do see me waiting and actually decide to accelerate to get across the crossing instead of slowing down to give way? That’s as well as the inconsiderate motorists who park on the pavement or in front of a dropped kerb, I could go on…………


Hi Bill Your post doesn’t surprise me even though it ought to! I have had a similar experience with my stick. Instead of people stepping aside for me, they just keep coming and I have to step aside for them! They then look at me as if I am a freak or something. It really makes me mad! Teresa xx

I too have noticed with both stick and scooter how inconsiderate people are. they go out of their way to walk in front of you and some grin. Perhaps they are jealous - but they sure can have our ms eh.

Maybe we need a horn to blast them out of the way.

Im sure its all to do with government making out we are all scroungers as its getting worse.



But what about all those people who do stop for you and hold doors open and those who ask if you are alright when they see you stumble. The point I am trying to make is, don’t let the thoughtless people blind you to all of those good ones. David

Hi Bill,

I seem to get more considration since I got my mobility scooter than I did when I relied solely on my stick !

Only yesterday I went to my local shops and people actually smiled and acknowledged me ! It was only when I left my scooter that I came up against selfish people who expected me to get out of their way ! (Mainly mums with pushchairs who came round corners and looked at me like I was dirt for being in their way !!)

The other day I did have a go at a woman who had parked at a dropped kerb because I could’t get my scooter through. She just said sorry and carried on un-loading her car ! Selfish so and so !

Remember, NEVER let the bu**ers get you down. Rise above it and keep smiling !

Seb x

Hi Bill.

I know exactly where you are coming from, as a driver and a mobility scooter user, I see it from both sides, but there is no excuse for car drivers ignoring crossings or parking across drop pavement areas.

I am sure, I have read somewhere, that the Zebra crossings are to be discontinued in the not to distant future, as with more and more lighted traffic signals being used, the old dim orange flashing beacons on Zebra crossings, can be missed by unobservant drivers.

I assume these will be replaced with the red, amber, green, traffic light type crossing, then there will be no excuse for drivers to ignore them, or will there ??.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.

It’s true you notice more things when things change for yourself.

People rush around and do there thing and are rude and helpful, i noticed i do get a lot more smiles and on the whole people tend to be more helpful and courtoues.

But there are also the ones who are blind to you and don’t hold open a door just walk past like you don’t exsist, but i think those type of people are just rude all the time and to everyone.

We just have to live with it we can’t change people with no manners!

Tracy x


I live in Aberdeen and use a walking stick - apart from a cheeky idiot on a night out (he was drunk and lucky that I stopped my friends from having a word), I’ve never had a negative experience like you describe. I find that people on foot and in cars are considerate to people using scooters/chairs/sticks. One incident I remember witnessing was when I was driving to work one morning, sitting in a queue of cars turning right when a lady on a scooter came along the pavement and the basket fell off the front as she went over a rough bit. The lady in the car in front of me had just turned into the street, stopped her car, got out and ran back along the road to help the lady with the scooter. That was a lovely, kind thing to do, and I was glad to have witnessed it.

Luisa x

Oh Yes

I agree, the majority of people I come across are kind and considerate, I know people make mistakes like not noticing a zebra crossing, particularly when they are also ignoring the speed limit at the time, and some folks can undergo a personality change once they get behind the wheel.

Thank goodness not everyone is like that eh!



Hi Bill, sorry you had a bad experience, I have to say I find most people are very considerate to me when I am in my wheelchair or struggling to walk. A lovely story Luisa, makes me proud to live in Aberdeen.

Yeh Bill, I know what you mean.

i had a fright recently. A big car was in the short queue to get into a car park. I needed to cross the road, below where he was. As I started to cross, he began to reverse. It was a good job my carer was with me and shouted at the driver to stop. He couldn`t see me in my wheele.

o he stopped and we continued. All of a sudden, he began reversing again! This time I yelled out, my carer yelled out and a passer-by banged on his side window to stop.

Then he looked round and tutted at me and sped off in a temper and a dangerous mood!

Think I`ll get a tank!

luv Poll

Dear Bill, I know exactly what you are talking about.I got so effed off with car drivers,honking,‘waving’ and shouting ‘pleasantries’ as I was whizzing about on my class III road buggy that I got the number plate made up. (no legal requirement to do so).I fixed it on the back of the buggy, and now I get left alone.

I’ve done over 1700 miles on ‘Big Bug’ this year and have now fitted a big rechargeable lamp on the front, and with the red blinkers on the back am whizzing about confidently in the dark.

Strangely enough I am treated with more courtesy in the dark than day light,probably because car drivers are puzzled by the christmas tree moving along the road and don’t have enough confidence to see how close they can get to it…

The batteries are gradually fading and hopefully Santa will have room in his sack for a new pair and not electrocute himself as he abseils down the chimney.

Regards, Wb

A good supplier of amber flashing beacons is:- their customer service/delivery is also very good.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.