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I posted earlier this year after finally persuading my GP to refer me. I’ve since had a nerve conduction study and nothing there, found out after the test they were only checking for carpal tunnel syndrome which I knew I didn’t have. I saw my neurologist on 18th May and now have an MRI booked for 6th June.

When I saw the neurologist he said I was very healthy for someone with the symptoms I have so couldn’t be confident of a MS diagnosis. I had some bloods taken afterwards and I saw he had written demyelination on the forms. I know the term and what it means, yet I don’t understand why he wrote that on the form. Any ideas??

“demyelination on the forms.”

Just means they want to see if your have any sign of dedemyelination [MS] in your blood.


Glad you’re in the system. If you need any advice on MRI scans , put it into the search bar.

Lots off helpful tips and advice - socks is one of them!

Keep well.

Jen x

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what are your symptoms?

i was mis-diagnosed with PPMS for several years.



Bed socks are essential.

Warm PJs, extra blankets, pillows, BBC box sets and Thorntons.


Oh yes. The socks.

Symptoms are: fatigue, pins and needles, muscle spasms, muscle twitches, crawling sensations in face, chest and scalp, pain in legs & back. Cognitive problems, forgetting words and names

I have some of your symptoms, and others.

Hopefully you’ll get some answers soon.

I have had symptoms for 2 years. Using all my sickeave every year. I am a primary school teacher. Symptoms are dizzyness ( at first xiagnosex with Menierres xisease, later told no) heavy legs, pins and needles in hands legs and feet, sharp stabbing pains in legs.12 months ago began with severve chest pain that wrapped arounx and helx tight. Happenx twice. Now just chest pain radiating to back. Lower back pain, bump into things. Always xropping stuff. Trouble fo using. I have had brain MRI, seen spinal surgeon, cervical MRI and Ct, no lower spine though. Also nerve conduction tests, multiple blood tests for Lhymes, etc. All clear. My dr is not giving up on me. Was told i have no middle ear balance by specialist. Surely this is not the reason!!! At witts end… getting a second opinion at Canberra Neurogist in 3 months. Soooo over feeling like i have no control.