In the cloud, and scared of my symptoms and quick progression

First post here (please go easy on me).

I’ve suspected I’ve had MS since 2012 as my first symptoms were tingling across the right side of my body, and some nights I would wake up with an irretractable itch in my right hand (this would take 15 minutes of me trying to be calm and breathing, and after about 15 mins it would fade and I would go back to sleep). The Dr I saw privately in Jan 2012 sent me for an MRI on the NHS, and the results showed plaques in my brain and T2 spine. However, this was not diagnostic apparantly as I only had the scan results and this tingling.

Fast forward to June 2013. I could no longer run anymore. I told the doc this, but he wasn’t concerned. He offered me no meds, but said I would need another MRI.

Fast forward to June 2014 (I had moved to Stafford in May, and my life was topsy turvey with work between June '13 and May '14, which is why I didn’t have an MRI, I moved location 3 times in that time period). This June, my walking is real bad. It’s my right leg and only my right leg that has no power. I possibly had a relapse (if I’m going with a RRMS diagnosis). I can barely walk without stumbling and dragging my foot for longer than 5 minutes. Beginning of September I finally had my second MRI, and the plaques remain with two new little ones appearing according to my GP.

That’s my history. What I’m very concerned with is a symptom which feels like a twisting sensation in the lower right quadrant of my abdomen, that gives me a nervous zingy electric sensation that runs down to my right leg, stopping at my knee, and causing my right leg to buckle, which increases risk of me tripping/falling down (hasn’t happened yet). Has this ever happened to anybody with MS before?

I’m really anxious. I think it’s highly probable that I have MS going by my symptoms and the MRI results. I’ve ordered crutches online as I think I’ll need them to get to work (I live a 15 minute walk away from work).

Thanks for reading,


There’s nothing worse tha worry and uncertainty and feeling unable to do anything to help yourself. It sounds as though your specialists have more information to go on now, so I hope that means that you are closer to getting some answers and getting a plan in place, whatever the dx.

Good luck.


Have you got an appointment to see a neuro? If not, then I think that’s the first thing to do, I expect further tests may need to be done. Try not to worry, it will make you feel worse. Keep a diary of all your symptoms, it’s always good to have this to hand when you see the neuro.

Good luck, hope your wait for some answers isn’t too long.

Rosina x

Thank you Alison, I hope that I get an official Dx soon.

Thanks Rosina, the problem is that I live alone and all my close friends and family live miles away down south, so often I’m just reading about it, and getting anxious and negative thoughts in my head. It’s horrible to have no support and nobody to just tell me that it’s all going to be ok.

I have got an appointment with a neuro on the nhs again (finally) but it’s not until the 6th November unless there’s a cancellation. I keep a diary and write all my symptoms, thoughts and feelings down yes. It’s all very negative unfortunately.