In shower moisturiser

Nivea make an in-shower moisturiser which seemed like a good idea. I used it last week, but when my husband (who has MS) showered he had a terrible fall. He didn’t even use it, but the base had become incredibly slippy.

I thought I would write to Nivea and let them know of the dangers. However looking at the bottle it actually has a warning about this issue, which I missed.

Just thought I would write and say this product is really one to avoid, probably for most people, but especially for those a bit unsteady.

Oh wow, thanks for the heads up! This is definitely the kind of product that I might have tried if I saw it on special offer.

Showers are slippery places at the best of times and a non slip mat is pretty essential for safety. A shower stool provides some additional security for those borderline wobbly.

Thanks for the warning.

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Thank you for the warning - I hope there was not too much harm done. Any sort of shower oil is a menace. As are those everyday keep-your-shower-clean sprays.

No doubt about it, one of those shower mats with the suckers is a must, sad day as it is when one must accept that the time has come. Also a good, solid hand-rail. I hate it all, but there it is.


Ditto the above…I used this product due to very very flaky dry skin which makes me itch but found it even made the shower mat slippy.

Hubby had to scrub the slippy non slip mat and make it safe again.


Surely only a matter of time before Nivea’s hit with a big ol’ lawsuit then, despite the (easy to miss) warning that they put on the bottle.

I have a couple of body scrubs that are oil based so I’m very careful with those. I think the Dove stuff is ok as I’ve used it a few times.

Sonia x

i’ve been using nivea in shower moisturiser for ages and havent found it slippy.

however immac hair removal spray is deadly!

it actually says on the bottle to spray whilst standing in the bath!!

so now i’m cultivating my hairy legs .

carole x

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Does anyone have any Crocs they are great for showering in, waterproof and slip proof, and very comfy too

just a thought.



great idea ann, i havent got any crocs but will get some.

carole x

I mentioned them to a friend yesterday and before I could go any further their response was ‘Those things are lethal!’

So it is a well known issue!