In pain and worrying about symptoms

I’m 47 new to the forum and know very little about MS. I’m looking some advice and support as I feel completely lost and out of my depth at the moment.

The past four weeks I have numbness and pins and needles in both hands. This is worse when sitting and lying down. The worst time is at when I cannot sleep with the pain in both shoulders, arms and hands. I am dropping small items like spoons, mobile phone and spilling coffee and sugar when trying to put them into a cup. I occasionally when I am walking take a light head and the only way I can describe it is as I’m going to the side .

I have been to GP he has referred me for a orthopedic assessment.

Blood tests has revealed low haemoglobin, low liver function and raised ESR.

I’ve had recent headaches with visual disturbances. I now suffer from constipation when beforehand I’d have had IBS.

Has anyone had a similar experience or am I worrying unnecessarily.

Hi Shell
Intriguing that GP referred you to orthopaedic rather than neurology as the latter deal with MS. We’re not Docs on here so can’t diagnose but it’s worth going back to GP to query. If nothing else, you might get a better explanation but in view of the symptoms, I would have expected Head & Cervical MRI or referral to Neurology to order the MRI.
Good luck!

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Hello Shell, and welcome.

It is perfectly normal to worry, so don’t worry about worrying.

I haven’t had similar symptoms to yours, but symptoms do vary a great deal from patient to patient. I went through quite a long period of investigations before anything was certain, and this does seem to be the norm. The docs will want to exclude a number of conditions, many of which you might not even have heard of, and I’m afraid this can seem long winded and frustrating.

Has your doctor actually said that s/he suspects MS? Many of them (and I’ve seen a few) don’t like to say too much until they have gathered a few test results.

Hoping things progress quickly for you.


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Hi Ben, no the GP hasn’t mentioned MS and just asked me what did I think it was!
Unfortunately I made the mistake of googling my symptoms. I am currently in so much pain and I’m hoping my appointment next week sheds some light on what’s going on. I am literally walking the floors at night as I cannot sleep with the pains in my arms and hands.

Thanks so much for your reply. I think given the current situation they are trying to eliminate other possible causes.

I don’t know your names for them, but for the pain try your standard OTC pain killers. is there a hot/cold ointment that you can spread on your limbs before bed? I have to do that sometimes when the aches keep me from sleeping.

As far as dropping things, there’s not a lot that can be done about it. Travel mugs or sippy cups can help with spills. Using larger spoons or both hands to hold things. Avoid breakables whenever possible.

With any luck, they’ll get you some answers soon or at least head you in the right direction. in the meantime, we’re all here for you.