In need of some advice please


Im just after some advice on symptoms I have been suffering the last 3 years, my GP puts it all down to anxiety and depression, but for some reason it just doesnt fit, as i only suffer with this during these epiosodes,

I have had at least 3 epiosodes i think? sorry, just trying to think back,

first was loss of sensation in right arm and leg, pins and needles, slight weakness, sore muscles on the effected side, this lasted around 2 weeks, but pain persisted for a couple of weeks, then subsided, anxiety, and insomnia

second similar episode about 12 months later, with the loss of senstation on right side, followed by pain again, not too painful just sore muslces, on affected side, this time with buring down the back of my legs like they where on fire, mainly at night, this subsided, within a week, then was left with loss of senstaion for another couple of weeks, anxiety and insomnia, then all dissapeared again,

recently experienced, started with pain in my heals, my back between my shoulder blades really sore, and felt like my spine was on fire in that area, then had a shooting pain run down my right leg, my calf lost sensation pins and needles down right leg, then spread to both and came in a wave like senstaion, my right elbow aches, again anxiety and insomnia, and tearing pain in my calf, has now subsided expect for the ache in my elbow, and pain in my forearm

everytime i have these epiosdes, im put back on my anti drepressants, but in between these epiosdes, im mentally fine, sleep well, i have had all blood tests done and everything has come back fine.

i came across MS and im a little concerned, my question is do you think im silly for wanting more answers? or should i just let it lie? do you think i should accept that it is just anxiety? as this to me just doesnt sit right, and althou the doctors tell me, i still feel, they are missing something, help me a little more? im not sure how to push for more answers without coming across as a crazy person, i have no one to talk too, as i find it really hard to express my concerns, as i dont want them to worry over something that might not even be, i am worried thou, just after some advice on having the confidence to push this further if you think i need too?



Hi Danni. I am a big believer in the fact ‘you know your own body - and you know when something is not right’. I would suggest you go for a second opinion with another gp. Tell them you are aware that you have anxiety/depression but believe there is something else going on. It may be a good idea to get this second opinion when you are having some more symptoms. I am not saying you have a medical condition as i am not medically qualified but…pins and needles and other symptoms you are describing don’t sound like just anxiety to me! I am a anxiety sufferer as well and my gp likes to put all my symptoms down to it. My neurologist likes to put all my symptoms down to my ms. Know your own body/mind and don’t let them fob you off. Teresa.x

Hi, i’m in the same position, neuro said it’s just depression despite brain lesions and evidence of demylation on my brain scan and all the other symptoms. I am going for a second opinion on Monday. You describe pain in a lot of areas on your body which makes me wonder if you need to get them to look at the possibiliy of Fibromyalgia. It has mostly the same symptoms as MS but pain is usually more widespread. I am looking into this too as there is family history. Don’t just accept one medical opinion, you are entitled to proper consideration and treatment. Maybe ask your GP for a referral to a Rheumatologist, apparently they are better with diagnosing FM, and also ask for a referral to a neuro, you know yourself well enough to know if this is depression or not so don’t accept GP’s opinion if you not confident in his diagnosis. Good luck xxx

I may be barking up the wrong tree and you may not wish to follow my suggestion but I like to compare my current condition of CFS/ME alongside others and I have found that there are an awful lot of similarities to MS which is why I keep ending up back here. Anyway there is a site relating to CFS/ME which gives comparisons between the two called the Hummingbird’s Guide to ME, and whilst the site owner is a bit of an ME snob she has probably one of the best comparitive sites there is.There is a particular section on MS vs ME and it is very interesting to read. This could be why most people can think they are the same and also why doctors can mis-diagnose. I will say however that it can be quite technical in places. The website address is Whilst it may not answer all your questions it may give you some idea as to what other conditions are out there and a list of symptoms and as it is written by an ME sufferer you can bet that she has gone through everything especially as she believes ME is a condition in its own right apart from CFS and that it can be proved with PECT scans etc. Best of luck. Liz

Danni you know your own body. My own GP dismissed my symptoms and thought i was suffering depression to start with. Lots of GP’s think like this. Three days after that in hospital with severe problems, that still have not gone away. Trust your own instinct, go to A&E and don’t leave. My own GP has changed his attitude towards me after this. Apologised for his misunderstanding reading my symptoms. Always remember this. GP’s bury their mistakes. Thankfully I’m not one.

Thanks so much for your help, I don’t want to disrespect any of you with my concerns, as you are all going thru you own heath problems, but it is nice to be able to have some advice, as I am feeling a little brushed off with the GP and maybe thought I was worrying over nothing, although it does go away and I tend to move on, it comes back, and that’s what worrys me most. I wish I could find some confidence to push for more answers, I will make an appointment with another GP to see if maybe they have other ideas or help for me thanks again :slight_smile: