In Limbo. I have no idea what is going on!

Hi All,

So i have been in Limbo with my symptoms for quite a few months now. Roughly about January time. It all started off with a ruptured ear drum. I started experiencing dizziness at the end of January. They could not see into my ear due to a huge wax blockage. When this cleared I found out I had ruptured my ear drum. Since then it has healed but I still get dizzy. Some days are worse than others, My doctor has told me its nothing to do with my ear and so i am seeing a neurologist next Wednesday. Since January I have had a range of symptoms. these include:

  • Altered sensations such as tingling in my right cheek bone- this comes and goes

  • Buzzing sensation on bottom of both feet - this comes and goes

  • Sore feet almost everyday which feels like they are about to cramp but then they never do.

  • Dead limbs when sleeping- never had this before- started in May with my right leg going dead from the hip to the toe. This has not happened since. My hands also had severe pins and needles that woke me up 2-3 times in the night. this has also not happened since. I also never found myself sleeping in funny positions.

  • Shooting pain in both ears and the pain will sometimes run down the back of my neck just behind my ear. Do not know if this is a result of what happened with my ear before.

  • Frequent headaches that begin on the right hand side of my ear. Sometimes i get like a burning sensation on this spot that comes and goes.

  • I have also had 2 migraines this month - i was sick both times when this happened

  • In April I also had a blurry vision episode that lasted for about 3 hours my eye was very painful and i couldn’t keep it open.

I do not know if all this is a result of stress from the dizziness and the fact that this is not going away. Or if it could be the early signs of MS. I also have a half cousin with MS and a half sister with Fibro. If anyone could give me insight on their first symptoms that would be great.

Thanks :slight_smile: xxxx

Hi Tasha,

Yes, MS does cause headaches/migraine but they are far worse and more frequent with a complaint called Hughes Syndrome; APS or sticky-blood; otherwise symptoms mimic MS; see

Get your GP to get a test for APS antibodies. If it is breathe a sigh of relief at your early stage a simple 75mg of Aspirin per day can have a dramatic effect; could cure he say’s tongue in cheek.


Hi George, thanks for the reply :slight_smile: . That has never even been mentioned to me by my GP and they are kind of fobbing me off at the moment because they know I’m seeing a neurologist. But I have another appointment next month so I will be sure to ask about it then.

Thanks again :slight_smile: