in 5 years

following on from a similar thread re. where we’ll be in 5 years …

Does anyone think we will all be cured or at least have access to a safe reliable treatment?

No, we’ll still be asking the same questions and getting the same answers.

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Personally, nope. Maybe add a zero (or even 2) on the end of your 5 years to make 50.

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  • Had MS for over 23 years and counting

I’ve been asked by my clinic if I want to join a 3 year double blinded study trialling Simvastatin and had a meeting last week with my consultant to discuss the trial, one of my questions was how far has treatment come for MS, his reply was “in all honestly, just a drop in the ocean” !

He went on to say they are having a bit more success with dealing with some of the symptoms for some types of MS, but as for an absolute cure he just put his hands in the air and shrugged his shoulders, and said that it’s these sorts of trials that everyone depends on but they such a long time to carry out.

This particular trial has already run for 3 years in phase 1, now its going into phase 2 which is another 3 years, then after all the information is collected and analysed, which could then be another 2 years before a decision is taken if the drug can be recommended for SPMS, and that’s ONLY if the trial has positive results !

So that’s roughly an 8 year trial to find a drug that will only slow or hopefully stop the progression of SPMS, it won’t reverse the damage all ready done or cure the MS.

This trial with Simvastatin, which is normally given as an every day drug for high cholesterol has very little side effects in the normal dosage, but with the MS trial, due to the far higher doses that are given there’s a risk of serious side effects, so even if the trial show’s promise and ultimately the drug is offered for SPMS this then opens another door that could lead to serious kidney or liver damage, and even muscle break down, where the muscles actually start to dissolve and break away and get absorbed by the kidneys.

It was explained that this is rare but theres always a possibility.

I’ve had MS just over 5 years and have seen a steady decline, especially over the last 18 months, on each visit to my clinic I always ask is there something I can take to stop or slow this decline, the answer has always been no as its SPMS, so hopefully this on-going trial might offer us some hope in the future, albeit with a risk of serious side effects, but then again what drug doesn’t have side effects ??

As for a complete cure to this shitty disease, I certainly won’t be holding my breath.

Personally I think we are decades away , I’m 56 and I doubt very much I’ll be around to see a cure ?

There are loads of studies on the go but they just take years to carry out.

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