in 2012 i ws dumped by the Neurologist reason being i was costing too much in tests which all kept coning back clear and i needed to see a shrink because in his opinion it was all in my head as this point i walked out. He failed to mention the disc disease in my neck and failed to spot the TIA i had had. move on now to 2016 im getting episode of a burning sensation in my feet upper arms legs im sweating a lot… I don’t know what to do or where to go because im worried i will get sent to see a shrink. I don’t know if the symptoms are coming from teh disc problem in my neck they can happen if i turn in certain way. Two weeks ago i went dizzy when the dentist used the drill upper right side of my jaw.

Hi Fiona

I can only imagine how all of what’s happened has made you feel. You have my sympathy for what sounds like a dreadful experience with this neurologist.

Have you talked with your GP about your previous and current symptoms? And the tests you had with the previous neurologist?

Does your GP agree that you have genuine physical neurological problems which need to be investigated? If so, will he/she refer you to a different neurologist?

Obviously no one can guess as to what may or may not be causing your problems. Clearly you need a neurologist to look at the whole of your problems over the last 4 years, and of course to retest you as appropriate.

I hope you get some good quality help soon.


Hi Fiona,

Don’t be scared of psychologists, we are not all bad.
The Corpus Callosum is really the set of nerve fibres that join the two sides of the brain together.
Lesions here are hard to detect, but part of the CC is very close to the brain-stem, and a CC lesion can be considered as a problem with the central nervous system (CNS).
Most CC problems show up in childhood, so maybe your neuro has never seen another case (maybe seen just one and that was being handled by a psychiatrist)

So, what you have may not be MS - at least until you have another lesion somewhere else.
Sue’s suggestions are good, and another neuro is probably the best way forward.
If your last neuro was an MS expert, you probably need to see one who is not. and preferably in a different hospital.
Talk with your GP.


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thank you everybody for your post. i now have a bit of an answer i do have demylenation in the brain but they have no idea what is is or why this has not come from a neurologist. MY LB CAME BACK NEGATIVE SO THIS IS WHY IM IN LIMBO. If i want back to the GP its the same cheeky guy i would see he has a bad reputation i would glady go private but im worried i would spend heaps of money and get nowhere. I saw a shrink 1996 and all she could do was tell me there was nothing wrong have this tape and it will sort it all out which it did not.

I recently stopped caring for my mother has i could not cope any more and it was impacting on my own health all my mother and sinister want to do is pump me full of antidepressants and it will all go away. The anxiety im suffering is as a result of them punishing me because they have to do their bit looking after my mother.

Most CC problems show up in childhood, this is interesting i fell off a climbing frame and landed on a hard floor at school when i was 5 this was in the days when the main school hall doubled up as the gym etc. so i do wonder if the damage i have is a result of this. my family considered me as a bit thick after that i missed a lot of schooling as my mum refused to send me back to school. I had a further test the last time i had my eyes tested and something that was not right showed up. the optician admitted their was something going on but said nothing further.