I'm so scared.

Last month I did an MRI of my Brain+Orbital after having a headache above my ears and found I had Optic Neuritis.The brain MRI was normal back then. After doing tests on my eyes, found the vision to be 20/20 and was given painkiller and eye drops for reducing pain. Later after a week or so started having nerve pain in my feet and now I’m having random nerve pain in my feet and legs and head(often) and sometimes even in my arms and neck. And also I’ve lost weight of 3-4 kgs since last month.I’m planning to see a neurologist next week discussing this issues.
I’m so scared if its MS as the Symptoms are so. Do you have any idea of what it is?

Hi, as for diagnosis, let the neuro do his/her job. Optic neuritis does occur sometimes in MS, but not always.

If it is MS, you may fit the criteria for DMDs…drugs to reduce symptoms.

I know it’s a very scary time right now, but you can still live a good life with MS.

I’ve had PPMS for 25 years.