I'm sick of this im so exhausted

I went to the docs today to see if I could get some tablets for my symptoms and she mentioned Ms without me saying anything and it’s just really depressed me. I feel exhausted with this . I don’t want it , I already have psoriasis and arthritis . I feel robbed of a life . My mum is in denial about this . I feel like I have to wait months and months to find out what I already know in my heart … That I have Ms . I just don’t know what else it could be especially as I have the l’hermittes sign. Plus I’m worried it is PPMS as my walking is already severely affected .

im 25& I feel done :frowning:

Have you been referred to a Neurologist yet?

Speak to your GP about how this is making you feel - also, ask if you can see someone at your nearest MS Centre for counselling.