I'm Leaving !

Hi everyone !

Hope you all had a good Christmas and are planning a great New Year

Just a brief message to let everyone know that I have decided to leave this board.

I don’t expect any comments and am not looking to be “persuaded” to change my mind !

It’s just that I no longer feel that this board is any use to me

I can’t chat about symptoms because, as you all know, these are different for everyone.

I can’t chat about medication because I don’t take anything (and there really are none for PPMS)

So I have decided that this board is no longer of any use to me and I’. wasting my time here

Good luck to you all (and I wish you all well for the future )

I visit this board not so much to see what I can get out of it but to see what I can offer.

My old life was a useful one but I’m not able to do much for anyone else these days so I find it rewarding to answer questions if I can. Along the way I’ve gained insight into my own condition.

I’ve got SP so there’s no medication for me either but I disagree with you about symptoms. We are all different but the symptoms are pretty much the same even though the severity and combinations may differ. I have learnt many things from the wise people here who offer tips and information

I am sorry that you feel the need to slam the door so hard on this forum and hope that you are not taking a fund of knowledge with you that might light the way for someone newly diagnosed and frightened.

I wish you all the best for 2012 and hope that you find somewhere on line to meet your needs .