I'm having a panic day today

I feel worried about everything today. I sent my Critical Illness Form in on 26th June, my Neurologist still hasn’t submitted his report although it sounds like it’s getting nearer the top of his pile. I just feel overly worried about the outcome even though there’s nothing I can change. I just wish they’d tell me now so I can stop worrying about it!

I honestly had no hint of MS prior to January of this year but just go over and over everything in my head about why and when I might have contracted MS. Like is it because I don’t eat fish, because of a sexually transmitted disease, because I don’t like being in the sun, because I got badly sunburnt when I was 10, because I’m overly stressed all the time, the list is endless.

Even after they get the consultant report, I wonder how long it will take to get a decision.

Sorry for rambling, I’m just going mad inside my own head and the longer this is taking the worse I’m getting!

Hi tricky I don’t have critical illness cover so haven’t gone through this process. Just wanted to say hi and I hope it gets sorted quickly so that’s one less thing for you to worry about x

Morning Tricky123,

Firsty take a Deep Breath and then Exhale Slowly.

Ok, lets address some of your concerns.

MS cannot be contracted or caught.

I true diagnosis of MS is via a Lumbar Puncture(taking fluid from your spine). also your Neurologist should request an MRi if he/she is worried about symptoms you are suffering from. This will usually highlight lesions in the Brain and the Spinal Cord.

One thing to remember early on is that Everybody is different, no 2 diagnosis are the same.

There are 3 forms of MS as you may already know.

Relapse Remitting, Secondary Progressive and finally Primary Progressive.

The length of time each person has one form or another varies from person to person, you may not go through each phase.

Other side effects of the illness can be, Chronic Fatigue, Optic Neurosis(Eyes), Memory Loss(Short Term), Speech Difficulties, Problems with Balance, Problems with Walking, Swelling of the Joints, Spastic Tremors of the Arms or Legs. Like I said everyone suffers differently.

If you would like to know more contact me.

Good Luck

Thanks Andy and Sunflower for the support and advice.

I had my Avonex injection last night and not sure if my over-anxiousness may be related.

One question for you Andy, you say that MS can’t be caught or contracted, but then why was the fact I’d had the occasional ulcer of interest to the consultant? To my knowledge I’ve never had herpes but thought there was some link there?

I think the fact this MS thing just goes round and round in my head and that no-one close to me actually understands or has much interest in it doesn’t help matters. x

Hi tricky123, The real answer is that they don’t know as yet what causes ms. Whether its one significant thing or multiple things coming together. Just from other people’s experiences its clear that many people have had different things happen in the past and many people have different backgrounds so its difficult to make any conclusion from that. There are things that they think contribute to ms which is low vitamin d levels - but this is also common in other autoimmune conditions and also there’s people with a low vitamin d level that don’t have ms. I didn’t have any pre-cursory symptoms to my initial attack. Mine was completely out of the blue with no history. I went on holiday, picked up a virus and then a few weeks later was in hospital in a terrible state- 16 months later I got my diagnosis