I'm going to a career development workshop :(

This should sound good, right?

My company paid for it, as part of my settlement, when I was made redundant last year. I’ve already deferred it since the Autumn, as I’m not even sure I genuinely want a job, let alone a career.

But the outplacement company has been pressing me about when I’m going to resume my “programme”, so I’ve signed up for this stupid workshop tomorrow. Which means having to get up at ten-to-seven, and head to town on the train.

We’ve been instructed to bring the course book, and various bits and pieces, and I’ve found, to my horror, my briefcase is already too heavy.

Really getting v. stressed now, and wondering what the point is of doing the workshop, if it’s quite clear I’m fazed by just a single “day at the office” - having to get dressed up, and go out to catch the train. It’s all supposed to be about CV, and “networking”, and how to answer structured interviews.

I’ve been asked to bring along an ad for a job I might consider applying for. That was a toughie, because I thought: “Well, none of them!”

On the other hand, I’m finally (after seven months) starting to get a bit sad and bored sitting at home, and definitely peed off about all my savings going down the toilet each month, and nothing coming in to replace them. Feel like I’m going to have to do something, but no idea what.

Started a proofreading course at home, but took nearly three months just to open the book, when I could have been nearly finished by now. So you can tell how motivated I am by that! And even successfully finishing the course will be such a long way from having the contacts, and being able to set up in business on my own…

Just really don’t know if I’m doing the right thing even going to this thing tomorrow.

I was unhappy in my job anyway, so haven’t been that sorry about losing it (apart from the money), but I find that gives me an added problem in the job market, as I find it very difficult to talk enthusiastically about what I’ve been doing for the last 20 years. It was a dull and pointless job that paid the bills, and that was it. If I’d been in better health, perhaps I’d have shown more ambition and left, but I’ve really no idea how long I’d been ill, before being diagnosed. I’m starting to think it’s blighted most of my adult life, as I’m remembering things in my 20s that didn’t seem right, and that I’ve always struggled with energy and motivation, for years. I’m now in my 40s.


Hi Val,

Thanks for the response. Less than an hour 'til I have to set off, now. I know they’re only trying to help me, and it was already paid for, so “gift horse” springs to mind.

But at the moment, it feels such a horrible gift horse - more like a Trojan horse.




You never know it might turn out to be a good thing and they might help you to find that ideal job hun! Its only a day so see what its like. Good luck. And keep us posted. Hopefully they’ll be able to understand how your life is and how this impacts on what job you can do, hours etc etc x P.s I also feel its hard to have any enthusiasm or energy if your in a job you don’t like so a change might be the tonic you need. :slight_smile: Xxx

One of the 3 times I have been made redundant gave us one of these schemes.

It’s more than worth it’s weight in gold!

It helps get more confidence in yourself, and get some positivity going. The hardest part of getting another job is the psychological impact of being made redundant.

Good Luck with it


Hi T, so how did it go?

Sorry if you`ve already posted the outcome. Only just seen this post.

luv Pollx