I'm certain i have MS looking for help!

Hi there,

I’m a 23 year old male, working as a paramedic in Hertfordshire and have been suffering for quite a while now, and was just wondering if anyone has gone through something similar?

My first episode was roughly a year ago where over a 2 week period i have 2/3 episodes of left sided numbness/burning sensation and pins and needles. Didn’t think much of it, as i do a lot of heavy lifting in my job so carried on.

The beginning of April i fell ill again. Firstly it was pain and pressure behind my eyes, which caused me to get tension headaches on the left side and then to have a really tender left temple. I was put on antibiotics for ?sinusitis, which during the course of them i started to get the neurological symptoms again.

I developed left sided numbness and pins and needles, again…with muscle twitching. Then over the next 2 months the fun and games began, i know anxitey has played a huge part as every symptom i read up i thought i got. From flashes of light in my eyes, blobs of colour in my eyes (thinking i had optic neuritis), to chest pain and abdominal pain (thinking MS hug) then getting back pain (thinking i had spinal lesions). One thing after another. The symptoms would present on the right side sometimes as well. The numbness has been constant for 3 months, never getting any better. I had an MRI of my head which was clear. And the neurologist i saw said i have severe health anxitey and that my symptoms are stress related. I disagree! That was roughly 3 weeks ago. Ive been put on sertraline now, and in the last 48 hours my left shoulder has become extremely painful and i have a bad burning sensation down my left arm. Pins and needle feeling in legs and arms. I just want a diagnosis so i can move on with my life now! Thanks for anyone who has read this!