I'm back...

Hi everyone,

It’s been a long time and I thought I’d got MS out of my head, but… im getting increasingly worried again about my bladder and bowel problems. something is really not right. i’ve recently had to go to the doctor for something else which is definetely not MS, just waiting on that to get sorted, but she did ask if there was anything else before we got that sorted and I didn’t mention it, but I wish I had now…

In good news, the vitamin d supplement really helped with muscle weakness and pain, and i now rarely get either, but will still get it now and again.

The reason, I’m still a little worried is mainly because of my weird bladder and bowel stuff and my lack of co-ordination and the fact that my left leg still doesn’t like keeping up with my right leg sometimes and it still drags,like bends over randomly and i half trip, and cos i still get random sharp pain in my legs and tremors now and again and vibrations in my feet. And I’m still getting highly emotional around my time of the month, i had a few months where i felt like i was having a breakdown it was that bad… no woman is THAT hormonal surely…

I know, things have gotten a lot better, but the fact that things are still happening makes me worry…

Anyway,i hope you are all doing okay and i look forward to catching up with you all soon.



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did i do something wrong?

Hi Jules, Welcome back :slight_smile: Sorry that you are still having some problems but very glad you have seen some improvements. Re the hormones, I’m sorry to say that yes, it is possible to be that bad!! I’m not god for a whole 2 weeks before, I’m constantly apologising, my husband deserves a medal! Sam x

Oops, it should read good not god!!! Te he x

Hi Jules , sorry but I cant remember if you have a dx yet.

I seem to remember you going for MRI but have not heard results.

Moyna x

hi folks, thanks for your replies. Ohh seriously its possible to be that bad that time of month? :frowning: My friend thinks I just have a hormone imbalance but i dont see how that can explain everything. i only had the dx of vit d deficiency and the pills have improved things a lot, specially with all this sun we’ve been having, ive not had a great deal of pain thankfully. MRI came back fine was given some physio exercises which i started with all good intentions but then fell away to be honest cos they hurt me to do them. But then since not doing them i havent really had the pain either! i expect they are useful to do.In this heat recently ive been incredibly drained and tired, i only get energy if i focus on being positive, have also started to get pains in my feet again which i did used to get in the heat…

i dont really know whats going on, im gonna go and get a blood test september time to see if i should go back on the vit d pills for autumn / winter, kinda worried about that.