I'm a bit scared

Hi All

Hope everyone is having a good day. I’d like to say to someone that I’m a bit scared. Hope its Ok to say it on this forum. Things have been happening so fast. I’ve had neurological symptoms worsen over the past 6-8 weeks. I have my first MRI brain scan tomorrow. I’m just trying to carry on as normal on the outside and not letting on to anyone, I found this forum and the honest clear replies are a godsend. Thanks :slight_smile:

Can anyone tell me :

Can MS symptoms develop and worsen really quickly.? Do they come and go (over minutues hours or days) and can you get different symptoms every few days?

I’m female, 43 and had Glandular Fever in November 2012. I felt better for 2 weeks. Then I started to feel sick. I thought the constant nausea and dizzyness was that I was pregnant.But I wasnt. My symptoms have got worse daily over the past few weeks. It started out as fatigue, dizzyness bad memory night sweats brain fog and more migraine auras than usual. Then it was dry eyes, slurred words, forgetting words, upset tummy/constipation, muscle tremors in face, pins and needles in arms and feet, numbness in arms and feet, loss of sight (used to this with migraines) vertigo. Its easier to shuffle my feet as I have no balance. I fell out of my car as one day my legs did not want to work and can’t get out of the bath without rolling onto my tummy. Reading that back sounds a bit over dramatic sorry- some mornings/afternoons Im alot better - the point is it is not constantly bad symptoms. The symptoms are worse when I’m tired/stressed/emotional (I shake more.) You know what it feels like when you hit your funnybone in your elbow, I get a shooting sensation up my arms like that. I also get pins and needles that either immediately appear or seem to “trickle” down my leg When I shut my eys I feel really dizzy.Work sent me to see the occupational nurse who told me I shouldnt be at work and asked me to get a sick note. My doctor looked into my eyes with a light-was he looking to see if my eyes were moving side to side? I think they could be but have I done too many internet searches? lol!

Thank you for reading this and good luck to everyone searching for a diagnosis _ I hope you get it

mittens :))

Hi Mittens… and welcome…

Of course it’s ok to tell us you’re scared hon. We’ve all been there and know what it’s like.

I think it sounds more like you have a post-viral illness left over from the glandular fever. There is something called ‘Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome’… PVFS. Now I know your symptoms are much much worse than fatigue only, but if you google Post Viral Fatigue you will see there are many symptoms that are like yours.

I’m not an expert by any means, so I might be wrong, but at one time I was dx with ME so did quite a bit of research & also remember reading that glandular fever was a virus that often cause PVFS.

Has the GP not mentioned this as a possibility?

You also need to remember that there are literally hundreds of conditions that have the same symptoms as MS. Unfortunately when you google symptoms MS does seem to come up all the time… but that’s because it’s one of the better known conditions. Really it’s best not to google symptoms. Can be extremely misleading.

It’s very good that you’re having an MRI tomorrow…as that of course will show if there are signs of MS

I wonder why you haven’t told anyone about all this? You know it will be such a relief for you if you can talk to someone and express how you feel. Think about it. It really helps to get it off your chest.

Try to remain calm as possible… although I do know how hard that is. Even IF (and it really is “IF”) you do have MS, it really is not the end of the world. Life does go on. It changes your life, but is certainly not the end of it. People with MS do most things that other people do in life… so keep that in mind.

Hope this helps and hope you get some answers soon… and please try and talk to someone.

Pat x

hi mittens,

i,m new to this,but over the past 5 months or so different things have been happening to me,just tried to shrug them off thinking it would put itself right,but it didn,t…first to go was my hearing,the hardest thing was getting my doctor to believe me,it was tho i was wasting in his time until i put my foot down and told him i want it sorting,anyway to cut a long story short he sent for tests and realised i did have a problem and apologised…he organised a mri scan(not the best thing to have)but needed to be done. got a reply back from the hospital and had to go to audiology dept were the consultant told me they had find some white spots on my scan and would have to see a neuroligist…in june…he mentioned the words MS and he said nothing to worry about at the moment,

i,ve had another few things happen since then and have just got out of hospital after 5 days,feeling alot better but still none the wiser…ive had my hearing go,my speech go all slurred,my left eye seeing double and dizziness,hospital thought i might of had a stroke so had to go in,another mri scan and a lumber puncture…not nice…results came back,no stroke thank god but they are 98% sure its ms…gotta wait till june for the top man to tell me and what they are going to do, things are different and i,m trying to read all the possotives surrounding ms,and there is loads which made me feel alot better,i no its gonna be hard but with reading and talking about it there is light at the end of the tunnel. sorry to go on a bit,but i talk alot wen i,m nervous…sorry…

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Fab advice from Pat already so I don’t really have anything to add other than to say that it also sounds more like something virus-induced than MS to me too, mainly because there is just so much going on and that’s not typical of early MS.

These sort of things generally follow the same path as an MS attack which means a fairly sudden start, rising to a peak, staying the same for a while and then gradually getting better. I hope you’re soon on the mend :slight_smile:

Karen x

PS Forgot to say: they look into our eyes with a light to look at the retinas for any sign of abnormality and to see how well our pupils respond to light.