If you're thinking of getting in shape before Xmas, try this.

Exercise Routine

If you’re over 30, you might want to take it easy at
first, then do it faster as you become
more proficient.
It may be too strenuous for some.

Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise



That’s enough for
the first day.
Great job.

Have a Chocolate

Now that’s my sort of exercise routine

Too true

thats my kind of exercise as well

Allie xxx

im going to have to keep practicing this val. got a tin of quality streets by my side thats going down fast. yum. x

you know you made me smile, fter the last few days that is an achievement.

love it!

After following this regime you should all be getting much fitter - time for a more extreme keep fit exercise.

Hold in each hand a 5kg potato bag — Lift them above your head - Hold - Then lower them in front of you - arms out stretched - feel the burn.

After doing this everyday for two weeks change to two 10kg potato bags. Lift above your head - hold - then lower and hold arms stretched out in front of you. Carry on with this for another two weeks. Now you are ready for the next stage. This time its 25kg potato sack in each hand - follow the same exercise. lf you feel you can now manage more now is the time to go up a gear. Ready, try now putting a potato in each sack and lifting it.

Then make chips and enjoy!!!

Good advice!