If you think your Relapse is Over

Hi Folks,

I was wondering as I’d had such a good day yeaterday that I may be coming out of a relapse, not sure though. The question I’m posting is if a relapse is over do you stop taking your med’s?

Any thoughts gratefully appreciated.

Janet x

Hi Janet,

Which meds do you mean?

If you’ve been prescribed steroids for a relapse, I believe you’re supposed to finish the course.

If you’re on other meds, only for the control of symptoms, it may be possible to taper them off if you’re feeling better. But some meds, like Baclofen, can’t be stopped suddenly. So always read the instructions to see if it’s OK to stop without consulting a doctor.

Personally, I wouldn’t quit anything after just one day of feeling better. It may mean they’ve started working, but not that they’ve finished yet.

You might have a setback if you stop too soon.


Hi Tina,

Thanks for your reply, I don’t think my relapse is actually over, more like I just had a good day, rare as of late, but just wondered what does happen and really how on earth do you tell? As far as the med’s go I wouldn’t just stop without doc’s say so, but wondered if you do actually stop would it increase the chances of another relapse.

Thanks again

Janet x

Hi again Janet,

As I understand it, relapses are a law unto themselves, so I don’t think fiddling about with meds given purely for symptom relief would have any effect at all on the chances of a new relapse. But, you certainly might FEEL worse, if you’d misjudged how much you still needed the symptom relief, on the basis of one good day.

I’d certainly need evidence of sustained improvement, before I even thought about tweaking painkillers or muscle-relaxants downwards.

Don’t get me wrong - it’s fantastic you had a good day! But one swallow doesn’t make a summer, as the saying goes. Also, even after a relapse, there may be some residual damage, so you may never be able to go back to low or zero meds that you were on before it happened.

I know what you mean about not being sure whether stuff you’re on is still strictly necessary, so all you can do, when you’re satisfied things have calmed down as much as they’re going to, is to test whether you can get by on less. If symptoms immediately return, you know you need to keep taking the tablets.


Hi Tina,

I realise that you are oh so right, today I felt much better as of yesterday then blow me down this evening I started dragging my leg again and wham back came the myoclonic jerks. Stupid me, I guess it was just wishful thinking.

I guess I do wish one swallow does make a summer! Optimistic that’s me.

Thanks for replying again, it has helped.

Janet x