If I could, I'd stamp my feet in frustration....

Small rant time, I am having a less than brilliant time (nothing on the reality scale but I need to vent) I was trying to do a 2 minute job but the combination of MS and malevolent gravity has stopped me in my tracks. I am grateful that I have learned that backing down can sometimes be the smarter move. Still flipping annoyed. I was swearing loudly to myself when the phone rang with someone considerate enough was offering to check my loft insulation… I did not swear but I did end the call. Fortunately when I sat by the window a beautiful Nuthatch visited the feeder, so I am nearly back to being Mr Mellow… until next flipping thing


after my Nuthatch fuelled sit down I had another go…
Victory (however small or brief) is mine! This time. :laughing:

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B r a v o

E l

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Thank you

Very nice. Congratulations on being ‘Mr Grown-up’. I haven’t got there yet, but one day maybe… (Mr Sssue hopes so anyway!)


Cheers, I surprised myself. Being a grown up has never been an aspiration… needs must I guess

Sometimes things (like growing up) happen without you trying very hard or anticipating them. Usually of course with me it tends to fit within the ‘throwing a complete tantrum to swearing colourfully and very loud’ spectrum.

Maybe one day I’ll turn into a ‘sweet middle aged polite lady’? Doubt it but if I eat enough cake / drink enough gin it might happen!


Polite, whilst being good most of the time, can be a bit overrated.
I did have a childish hissy fit before I sat down, but now grinning like the idiot I am.

:tumbler_glass: hope you’re feeling more mellow. I’ve a water gun and shoot pigeons and magpies - fab!

Thanks : all ok now
Water pistols are great, I use one when the squirrels keep nicking the bird food.

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Your photography should be in a book you are amazing at it.

Oh god frustration is my middle name. I have what i think is a great mechanical mind. brought up with 3 brothers and my dad who was a computer expert etc. my late husband an engineer. I would make all my own flat pacts, anything that came in a box i would put together no problem.

Now i had a cat toy arrive. It held food in the bottom and had a silly spring thing on top for entertainment with a mouse. Could i get it into the space no way. In the end said toy was thrown across the room in a childish temper. My daughter was coming that day, and i asked her to do it for me. She just picked it up and before my eyes had blinked toy was assembled.

ARRRGGGH, i do it all the time. a SIMPLE task can take me hours even days and some never come out of the box again lol. I have a cupboard graveyard of things that I simply cant put together, and every now and then family take them out and make them for me lol.

So i feel your pain. xxx

Thanks for that. My photography is a case of poke and hope. I tried to explain to my wife just how frustrating it is to not be able to hammer a pin in the wall, but I don’t think I was particularly eloquent. (Too much effin’ and jeffin’) My MS has a sense of humour having a pop at the left side of my body even though I am left handed. A bit of a git. I used to work in IT but now regularly beaten by apps and operating systems which fuels my frustration and feelings of inadequacy. Fortunately my camera is very simple. So glad you are enjoying Leo’s company.

I used to be able to sew. My hemming was perfectly invisible. Now I can just about thread a needle (using a threader thing). Tying a knot in the end of the thread is impossible! Even if someone ties the knot, making my hands do what I want them to is impossible.

And while I’m feeling aggravated about that, what about shoe laces? That’s always supposing I can get my stupid feet into the shoes!!


Velcro is the best answer to the shoelace problem :+1:

I used to teach I.T. lol. Now i use a spreadsheet and think how do i do an average lol. I understand you totally. x

i dont wear shoes, maybe slip on canvas pumps as i cant wear shoes no chance. thats why i never got anywhere with orthotics. xx

I like shoes. Always have. Now I have giant trolls feet that don’t want to fit in any shoes. Getting the beggars on is problematic - not just squeezing the chunky hooves into the shoes with the aid of shoe horns, but making my legs / feet stay where I need them to be.

Then there’s doing them up. Yes, there’s velcro, but recently I found my fat trotters wouldn’t allow me to even make velcro meet. I live in socks at home and have to put shoes on 1st thing in the morning when I know I’m going out. Then I have the problem of picking up heavier than usual feet when going round the house in my ‘chair.

I’m pigging sick of useless legs and feet. Today I do not want MS (that’s the polite way of putting it!)