Ice blocks and other useful things

I wear 3 ice blocks , one down the back of my underwear, one strapped to left ancle and one strapped to back of left thigh . Does anyone else do this or am I mad and crippled ??

Secondly saw a cool walking stick that doubles up as a seat. It looks like something that a fisherman might sit on and cost £20 .Good for the vain amongst us who are trying to look as ’ normal ’ as possible.

Anyone got any other useful tricks ??


Oh yeh got another one, walking with a fold up bike ! Again for the vain trying to look ‘normal’ !!


Live near a river & go everywhere in a kayak.

A self balancing roller board to be a cutting edge hipster.

Go dog sledding in Alaska & post your vid on Facebook.

Carry a bottle of Whisky & skew some corks on a walking spike.

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Just got an image of you in kayak with a coupla of carrier bags balancing on the paddle…


Most ‘normal’ walk would be with a small shopping trolley A full-size trolley is heavy, so not so good for me

Sonia x

Why do you want to look normal ? Embrace the freak… Swim against the tide :wink: Sonia, love your avatar. … I could never do that


I agree Andy. I try to embrace the freak, it’s the normal healthy people that copy me.

Now that’s what I call odd. Since my diagnosis. MS has become quite common.

Copying the normal healthy folk is fun. It keeps the window cleaners guessing.

HALLOWEEN 2015 here I come.

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Normal can someone explain the concept?


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Ps I like the idea of a kayac but I now have the vision of going up the high street in a kayak and trying to get round Tesco in one. Ahhh maybe I should get out of it and leave it in a disabled parking bay.

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Ps ps

Now worrying about where to put my blue badge on a kayak.

I am taking this Kayak thing to far

It is worrying me now.

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When I first had MS and could still walk ok. I saw a chap in an electric wheelchair speeding down the street.

He was wearing a leather jacket, was tattooed and had piercings & his wheelchair had stickers… I remember one said ‘No I haven’t got spare change so F*** off!’

I thought ‘Good on you mate. That’s the way to do it’!

I’ve never been that brave… but I have got a ‘I love my Harley’ sticker on my mob scooter. Often get comments on that!

Forget normal. It never existed anyway.

Pat xx


My favourite sticker on my Tramper is “Pull me , Nick me, Try me , Ban me”

who said sub 10MPH irony was dead? My pre MS drug of choice was speed (the motorcycle kind) but I now enjoy getting out of shape at 8MPH on the beach , behaving like a collie dog

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Oh dear, I’m afraid my Tramper is virginal. It has no stickers at all. Now I’m jealous. It’s got a name though; Father Jack after my hero in Father Ted. Maybe I could build a kayak shaped outer shell for it. Or just have Father Jack’s face staring out from the front box.

Best wishes, Steve.


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Thanks, everyone, for cheering me up with these posts! Was feeling really down. Combination of dark days, rain, and contemplating horrible spare tyre round my middle, which refuses to budge despite me being strict about food. Anyone else find they’re battling with weight as well as everything else, cos exercise is so limited??

In TV adverts, kayaks compete against cars.

The whole kayak concept, had living next to a river in mind. The same as a zip wire idea.

Jumping on a mobility scooter, isn’t always good advice. “Use it or lose it”.

I’ve hobbled around town all day today with my balance pole. I’ve been on my manual chair a few times lately & it’s been a nightmare. Pushing it back from a pub up a bank was a joke & getting dog dirt on the wheels was rank. The lack of dropped curbs & steps everywhere. Means it’s better to use Ebay, food deliveries & watch TV adverts where kayaks climb mountains. It’s real.

Hello Lynda.

I started dieting last July and have lost just over a stone. I’ve still got a long way to go. It’s been a rather brutal regime so far. One piece of wholemeal toast for breakfast. An apple for lunch. A sensible evening meal around 6.30. A bit of wine (hell I deserve it.) And no deviance. I feel good about losing the weight though. Now to survive the festive season.

Best wishes, Steve.

Awww, go on now

I was orbiting my planet today, and realised if you go through life backwards, you’re probably a scrimp.

Smoke me a kipper

Smoked kippers. Now you’re typing.

Actually, a great food for dieting.