Anyone any information on Ibudilast? Is it too good to be true? Take care, be safe M

I have heard nothing about the phase iii trials starting

And this is from October 2017! How slowly does the MS Research world turn?

But it turning:

From 6th April 2019…

Hi M Never heard of it so sorry I can’t comment on it. Take care Pam x

Ibudilast is being used in other country’s successfuly to treat ms and motor neuron disease why not here These be u roc rats need educating

It’s being used in Japan to treat asthma (see Ibudilast - Wikipedia or Ibudilast: Uses, Interactions, Mechanism of Action | DrugBank Online) but I can’t find anything about it being used to treat MS anywhere. Typically. Feeling written off??? #me too.

Ibudilast | MS Trust 15 Mar 2019 - Ibudilast is an experimental drug treatment for secondary and primary progressive MS. … In this phase II study, 297 people with relapsing MS took one of two doses of ibudilast or placebo for 12 months. … 255 people with secondary and primary progressive MS took either ibudilast or … I’d buy the damn thing and give it a shot. Take care, be safe M x

Written off and p***ed off. It’s every where I look! Just put ‘ibudilast’ in a Google search!!

Did I mention frustrated? M x

ibudilast is still being reviewed and talk continues of a phase III clinical trial:
‘Tantalizing’ New Data for Ibudilast in Multiple Sclerosis

It cropped up at the recent ECTRIMS 2022 conference (Oct’22)