Ibs probs and bug.

Hi to all, I took loperamide for diorheea cus i didnt want to experience this along with bieng sick poss tummy bug going round and all i have done is pass wind all day and belch cant eat cus of bloating from ibs tummy feels sore and i slept all afternoon fatigue what can i take for fatigue to its just knocking me out. I have to go shopping tomoz not looking forward to that cus i feel rough to say the least. Friday and Saturday massive headache dont know if thats why i was sick felt like migraine ugh. I have taken balofen and had a nice hot bath so hopefully will feel a bit better tommorow. Dose anyone have any info. Dolphin_500.

I found baclofen gave me monumental headaches. The moment I stopped taking it thge headaches stopped.

Movicol seems to have settled my stomach issues, or at least eased them.