I went on a trip or was it a slip?

I was going to tell you something but by the time I scrolled past all the options I have forgotten what it was, OHHHH I remember there I was in the shower all covered in soap suds I like to get well lathered and do an impersonation of a snow man melting as the water melts all the snow, Oh get on with it man I slid over and was rescued by Heather. Read about it here I also collapsed in the bathroom a few days later. My hot tip of the day is avoid bathrooms they cause falls.

Thats me done until the next time Don


Hope you are OK Don, these falls can sometimes really shake you up.

I would say “take care” but we all do that anyway…and still fall.

Pam x


Pam your right I creep across the bathroom as it is but two falls in two days


Hope you are ok now Don!

Nina x

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Nina I am always alright

Heather always looks after me and I am in marvelous hands

she is my hero


I think the bathroom is a really hostile environment! All hard shiny things, nothing soft to fall onto like a sofa.

you be careful, Don, and hooray for Heather!!


Like you I’m sure the bathroom is one of the most hostile environments I have to visit regularly. I’ve come a cropper a good few times while trying to maintain my personal hygiene. Considered visiting less often but I value the company of friends and family too much for that to become a reality. Must admit though that since I’ve been swimming every night I’ve found that showering at the pool afterwards is great as I no longer have to stand in the bath and with my daughter or friend helping me to dress afterwards I’m managing much better. I’m probably saving a fortune on gas with my daughter showering there too as being 16 she appears to need an hour at home to wash herself.

Pool membership might be a very good investment! And not only for the health benefits I first thought it’d be. Take care and I hope you’ve survived relatively bruise free.

Cath xx

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Oh yes, I love the edit button xx

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