I think my dosage was wrong

I will be brief re the context of my question but I was diagnosed at the start of April due to the upper left half of my body going numb, that is head, neck, ear, shoulder arm, to about hip. I also had some l’hermiettes sign at that time, which I had had a year earlier but thought was a pinched nerve, and I also had muscle spasms, but I had also had those before. I was not treated for that but if got better. Then a about 6-8 weeks later i woke up any my shins to feet were numb, not the skin but the inside. I didn’t do anything but in 3 days it had risen to be numb from chest down, then on the right side the muscles sort of constricted. I could still walk, it was just an odd feeling and when the muscles sort of tightened I was more worried. So I went to the hospital. They gave me 4 days of IV methyl pred, then a course of dexmethsone which was over 3 weeks and started at 32mg, which was 3 x 4mg pills in the morning then midday and then at night. The whole dosage was to be 120 x 4mg pills. I was given the script at the hospital, and a written schedule, and sent on my way. I struggled a lot on the pills, I wasn’t given any information about them and no- one monitored me taking them. Life has been hell at times. And now I have just stopped taking them and it’s a brand new type of hell quite frankly. There are a lot of other contextual factors, regarding the care provided to me by my neurologist but I just want to know for now, would this be a standard dosage that would be administered?

I have an 8 day course of Dexamethasone for relapses. That is 8 x 2mg for 2 days, 6 x 2mg for 2 days, 4 x 2mg for 2 days, 2 x 2mg for 2 days then stop. Side effects aren’t too good and they carry on for about another week so I’m glad when it’s over and I can get a decent night’s sleep again. I was told years ago to take the full daily dose in one go after breakfast, never at night, as they contain the stuff that wakes you up.

Hope that helps

Yes that’s what someone else had said. Would you also have the methyl pred IV for 4 days before that?

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Yes that’s what I thought, I spoke to someone who had a similar dosage. Would you also be given 4 days of methyl pred via IV before that?

I’ve never heard of both being given but then I’m not a medic and that was just the same dose I’ve always had ever since my first ever relapse. I’ve never had methylpred so I can’t comment on that but it seems to be the preferred drug prescribed going by posts on here. I always understood that the benefit of steroids on a relapse was from a huge dose given over a short time so I wouldn’t want to take them for that long.