I think I'm in Limbo...

Hello, It’s a pleasure to meet everyone. I am here seeking advice. I apologise in advance if I am posting incorrectly but this seems to be the right place. About 8 weeks ago, I woke with tingling in my groin that over the course of a week traveled down my legs to affect the whole of my body below my waist. I was sent to A&E for a suspected spinal inpingement but was released after clear bloods and a normal X-Ray. Since then I have had further blood tests and an MRI that has shown nothing out of the ordinary (although I couldn’t tell you exactly what the bloods were for). Whilst the tingling has subsided and I am able to walk as normal again, I am obviously confused and concerned as to what may have caused the issue. My doctor believes I suffered from a viral infection that attacked my nerves and the odd flashes of light I see in my eyes he believes is another side effect of this. I am not so sure. I was wondering if people could advise me on whether or not this sounds like MS and if I should take any additional course of action? Again, thankyou for your time! Tom

Hi Tom, and welcome :slight_smile:

I would guess that the MRI would have been of your lower back only in which case it wouldn’t have shown very much spinal cord at all and potentially missed a lesion causing your symptoms. If this is the case, I think if I were you I would be tempted to ask for a referral to neurology, just to be sure. I would also ask for a referral to ophthalmology to get my eyes checked out. The flashes of light may have a perfectly normal explanation, but it’s got to be better to know for sure.

Saying all that, it is important to get things in perspective: 1) MS-like attacks can be caused by viruses and infections and 2) because of this and because some people only ever have one (“real”) MS-like attack, MS is only fully diagnosed after someone has had two attacks. So, taking that into consideration, chances are that you have had some one off neurological episode that won’t develop into anything at all. If that’s something that you can live with, without further explanation, then leaving it is a perfectly reasonable path to choose. If it’s not something that you can live with, then definitely push for those referrals, especially the ophthalmology one because whatever’s causing the lights may be unrelated, but need treatment.

If you’re going to do more googling, searching the following will give you more info: “clinically isolated syndrome” and, an example of a one off attack, ADEM.


Karen x