I think i am suffering a touch of "Limbo land sucks syndrome"

Hello everyone, I hope to find you all well and enjoying the lovely weather.

Well after having a bit of a rough, tough time of it a few weeks ago things have got steadily worse.

I have had 4 visits to my GP, Now awaiting an appointment with my neuro....'God only knows when that will be'....

Had falls galore, can only walk around while linking someone or holding on due to the 'dizzies'. So much vomiting that you would think that it would be fair to assume i had lost at least a stone in weight....'But alas no'....

A throat full of razor blades, urine incontinence like a 'gud-un' our Poll would say'....etc: etc:etc:

Still, the up-side is....getting better....

Well, there is always hope eh!!

xx  Maria.

So sorry life so horrible for you Maria, hope your appointment comes through soon,
Chis x


Wish I could do more Maria letdown

Karen xxx

Thanks for your support. It feels good to know that you understand.thumbsup

xx  Maria.

Hi Marie, sorry to hear of your worsening condition.

This warmer weather does me no favours at all. Dont like the cold, but at least i can wrap up. Lying on me bed today, with nightie on..........feeling dizzy if I get up! So it`s what they call `a duvet day`.........only the duvet is too warm!

Guess you must have an infection if your throat is `razor blade` like,. That`s nasty! Likewise the vomitting.

Thinking of you.

luv Pollx

Hi Maria xxx hope you have had a better night and your throat is easing

All the bestest xxjenxxx