i saw seven ships come sailing by

And seven ships puts paid to my theory of ten http://disableddon.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/endoscopy-day-to-see-seven-ships.html

But on the bright side I did get to see the inside of my bladder again, hopefully this was the last endoscopy for a while I got discharged from the clinic today a as they found nothing untoward. YIPPEE I don’t mind it but it is a fact for nothing just because I have a bit of blood in my wee occasionally. Night I need some sleep I am in bed and now YAWNING. Nite nite

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Thank you Pauline, I did have a good night and I went back to sleep after waking this morning just an extra hour but I must have needed it. I am now up and just about to try something new on the computer I keep saying I am going to build a website but never have actually done one. Well today that all changes.

Wish me luck.


Good stuff Don; keep tapping away, I do enjoy your blogs.


Thanks CP this is much more technical building a website as opposed to just typing words for others to read. But if you dont ever try anything new how can we stretch ourelves


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Have you done it? If not ask one of the Granchildren!! The younger the better, I’m sure their born computer literate these days.this is definitely one area they make me feel so inadequate in.

pauline x

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Great blog Don! Something very poetic about mixing endoscopy with seeing seven ships.

Keep 'em coming!

Hope you’re feeling recovered now,

Pat xx