I need your help....

…writing Tutor comments for my Form’s end of term reports. Get those cogwheels whirring with fabulous lines cos they have to be finished tonight

Mine infamously said “Catherine is a natural leader. This can sometimes be mistaken for bossiness”. I was 5!! Another one " Catherine occasionally displays much aptitude. Unfortunately in doing very little". I was 10!! Finally, the cream if the cream “Catherine will go far in her chosen career. Sadly she has yet to focus on what field that will be in but I fear it will be knee deep in mud”. I was 16.

Ha ha ha

I had the usual ‘Deborah is a bright girl who unfortunately does not realise her own potential yet.’


‘Deborah has a great sense of humour. If she only put as much effort into her work she would go far.’

I may rethink - I’m always too nice!

my first year as a primary school teacher “zeeshan has an a zest for life which is endearing, however it would be helpful to the others if he could be QUIETLY enthusiastic”

the head teacher loved it and zeeshans parents did too

Try " ******* continues to set himself low standards which he fails to acheive".

Ha I love zeeshan’s! Getting there, I’m halfway through might be a long night!


just doing a Counselling course and they always say when giving feedback, sandwich the negative with a positive at each side, to lower the blow, which all of above starts with a positvie and concludes with the negative but josefloz1702 is the clever one to make you think…

My geography teacher put that I had coasted my way around the world put failed spectacularly in actually studying any of it.


Pip…love it…sorry, I mean poor you…Hee Hee xx

MrsH - your teacher deserves an award for those nuggets :slight_smile: LOL!!! Kx

My Dad didn’t think so!!! I remember his reactions clearly. In fact when my Mother died, we found she had kept all of my report cards to reflect back on!! She must’ve been proud that I proved them wrong!!! Gosh, that makes me realise how much I miss my mum. Especially now. :frowning: Xx

Very proud :slight_smile: (((Hugs))) for the bitter sweet memories. Kx

Thanks Karen. For some bizarre reason, I am now crying. My Mum died in 1994, so not recently. Started amitryptilene last night so I’ll blame that and go get a cuppa and choccy biccy!!

Not a biscuit fan myself, but chocolate - that’s a whole other thing :slight_smile: So if there’s not enough chocolate on that biscuit, you’ll just have to have more than one :slight_smile: x

Waaa haaa haaaaa!!! those really made me chuckle out loud!!! xxx

Then I read your post about your mum & I have tears running down my cheeks - this is all such an emotional rollercoaster eh xxxxxxxxxx

I’m going to raid the fridge - I know there is a caramel bar in there xxxxjenx

There isn’t a sweet thing in the house, unless you count stuff put away for Xmas and that would be soooo wrong. So I went for a hot chocolate. Huuuum, Xmas cupboard V morally wrong…naff it…it’s December which means it is Xmas month. That’ll do.

My favourite report comment was “Belinda is a keen contributor to class discussions but must learn not to distract others with her chattering.”

To talk or not to talk? That is the question…

Cheers and off to raid my pantry for chocolate now


Did we help or hinder you Deb. Did you get em done? I hope you were truthful about that little so and so…!! And I hope you’ve got loads of choccy from the little cherubs. My bestie was a teacher and used to come home at Xmas, laden down!!

Blimey you were up late - no wonder you’re ker-nackered! Next Friday when we break up I should come home with wine, chocs, candles plus some pointless things…mine are year 9 now and it gets less each year - year 7s laden you down.

I finished the reports at 10:15 last night only 6 hours after the deadline and strangely enough didn’t use any of the suggestions above!! I’ll save them for in the summer when it’s whole school reports : )

Off to Bristol now for an AQA day - feels like a little holiday


I don’t know what year she taught but it was the induction year, so tiny littlies. She was an inspiration. She had leukaemia and towards the end, went into school with a catheter in her hand, with chemo dripping through!! The kids were devastated when she’d gone and I’ve never been to a funeral service like it. She was my choc buddy and introduced me to its potent, cheery uppy qualities.