I need an advice

Hello everybody,I am new diagnosed with ms.I have primary progresive ms and i started “extevia” before 1 month.I feel really bad ,there is no change but i realice that is too question is is conected with ms and children.i was talking with the doctor and with the nurse but i want to speak with other people with ms.I am 32 and i realy want to have children.We had been trying before i started the injections but noo results.I am no sure if we can try again while i am taking the injections or i have to stop them for a period of doctor said that i have to stop for 3 months but one of the nurse said may be it wount be a problem as i am a is smthing very important for me if You can give me advice.thanks very much

Morning Hrisimir, I’m sorry I really wish I could offer you some advise but it’s an area of MS I know nothing about. I hope someone comes on to the forum later that can be of more use but it the meantime welcome to our little group. Nina x

In the UK us PPMSers are not put on a DMD, so you might not get any useful advice on this board. Why you are being given a drug that prevents relapses by a third (on average) for a condition that doesn’t get relapses, is another question.

I hope you find the answer you need.

Hi Hrisimir and welcome…

Sorry I also have not heard of the drug and know nothing about it, but as Whammel points out, PPMS does not respond to DMD (disease modifying drugs).

Or is the drug related to infertility? I don’t quite understand… is it another drug that you are having by injection?

Sorry no better advice… but you could try posting on Everyday Living to see if someone there has used the drug.

Take care and please come back on here… we are a nice little gang and always happy to welcome a new member.

Pat x

It’s a brand of beta interferon.

Thank You all ,it was helpful,i will try to find out this somewhere else.

I am sure I will be here again.x


I am sorry for you as you seem to be so worried. Did you know that you can be reffered to a genetic councellor? These are the experts. Please speak to your MS nurse, as i feel sure she can get you started.

I wish you all the luck in the world.


Sorry misread your letter and gave you the wrong advise. I would still get your MS nurse on board.