I need advice

Hi Everyone,

I’m now Paraplgic from the waste down. i Hope someone can give me advice on this. My sister has just pruchased a quickie Salsa power chair so that i can now finally now get out of my Bungalow where i live. I have been Bungalow bound since 2010. The question i would like to ask is the following. When i need to go a number two, how do pull up my track Pants back up. I’m very sorry for going around the houses on this, but after eight years of not going out, i now have found the right chair that will get me out, because of the tight corners in the Bungalow where i live. I’m looking forward for a new lease of life, and getting out.

Sorry i forgot, to mention that i have PPMS. After 15 years, I’m still fighting on / I dont like being defeated - Kevin is still fighting this decease.

hi kevin

forgive me if i’m wrong but is it toileting issues that is the main problem?

if so you should see someone from the bladder and bowel clinic (formerly the continence team).

they should be able to do home visits.

once your problem is resolved, go out in your new chair!

keep up the fight my fellow warrior.

carole x