i need a new scooter

I am scared on my scooter and for over a year now I haven’t been on it. It has four wheels but the front two are very close together making it almost a three wheeler. If I fall off it now I know I will not be able to get back on without some one lifting me. Heather can’t get me up from the floor any more, notice that rhymes I am a poet.


Hi Don

Do you think a conventional four wheeled scooter would make you feel more stable, and give you confidence.

Maybe ask for a home trial and see how you get on, and take it from there. The downside, as I see it, is a scooter needs a larger turning area, and that is restrictive as to where you use it.

Wishing you all the best whatever you decide.

Pam x

Thanks Pam I only go on my scooter when we are out on a walk, I did go on my olld one today and we had fun but I was aprehensive on some of the places we got to and ended up with a refusal just like a horse at a jump there was no way I was going any further. We want four wheels for stability and mine is fourteen years old.


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It’s such a decision buying a new scooter Don.

What one are you considering?

I’ve got a 4 wheel shoprider. I nice rugged scooter… never had a problem with it and feel safe on it. It’s a medium sized scooter & can go 8 mph. Was about £1,300 new when I got it getting on for 5 years ago.

Good blog as usual Don.

Pat xx

I have a Rascal Litway 8. It breaks down in half and the three battery packs come out to make it more easily transportable. Pretty stable and road legal, though I would only ever use mine to cross roads or to bypass difficult stretches of pavement.

I would think you need a seat with arms, by the sound of it,