I know this is picky.....

but have had an email from the MS Society about the Cakebake. As part of the incentive they are offering 2 x flights to New York for donators. Just struck me that the idea of getting to NY for a lot of people with MS is just an impossibility. It felt like it was a tad insensitive.

Its me. Isn’t it?

Are the majority of donors expected to be people with MS, then?

I suppose if it’s addressed to Society members, then presumably, yes?

But unless they offered a cash alternative, it’s hard to think of a prize that would genuinely be accessible to everyone. Even if it was theatre tickets, or a restaurant meal, somebody is going to be saying: “I couldn’t do that!”


I know, its just some things seem much more difficult than others. Should a PWMS actually win I would imagine that a majority would find the prospect of it more than a little daunting. Difficult enough to get to our local optiicans…

I dunno…

I might find it daunting, but I’m pretty sure I’d bloody damn well go for it! :wink: