I Just Can't Believe It!

So I’m on day 3 of a 5 day course of Lemtrada. First of all, staying hospital - which I have never done before - isn’t as bad as I thought. Cos isn’t the thought ALWAYS worse than the action? And secondly, today, even before I’d had the third dose of it (Lemtrada) I was walking without the aid of a stick. I cannot even properly fathom or describe what this means to me. To. Walk. Without. A. Stick. I thought that was my life, maybe forever. It was like, I got halfway to the toilet and suddenly realised…oh, I’m not walking with the stick! So all those words of encouragement from users on this forum, 50%…70% relapse reduction. One said it’s like ‘magic’. And I have to say, after such a delay to my treatment…any treatment…i had like zero faith pretty much in it. No optimism. So what a PLEASANT surprise. I just really can’t believe it. And I must say, the nurses at Kings College Hospital have been faultless, kind, attentive, informed, happy…couldn’t be more helpful. I guess what I’m saying is, for something that last 5 days - and has changed my life this much already. I couldn’t really be happier. What an excellent, delicious, divine start to 2015. I thought this was gonna be a good year, but I never could have ever envisioned this. Have faith, because I didn’t, and look where I am now! :slight_smile: Yes, probably the side effects. Will kick in tomorrow, but you know what, if that’s the trade off for walking without a stick? I am more than happy/accepting of that. I feel so happy, I think I’m gonna sleep real well tonight. Wow, I even be getting on board with blood tests/needles in veins every day. Stranger things happen at sea! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Brilliant! :-))))

Fantastic news, long may it continue (no dancing on the tables!!!)

What wonderful news!


Great news…does this make you… Girl Without Stick ?

Jan x

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Excellent and encouraging news!

What has happened physiologically (if that’s the right word) to you?

hi girl (used to be) with stick


onwards and upwards then (pictures girl with no stick flying)

carole x