I have been diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder

I have been diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder is this the right Forum to ask questions and to find out if their are other people on the Forum with Functional Neurological Disorder who can help me.many thanks

Not sure if its the right forum, but Functional Neurological Disorder certainly sounds like a posh way of saying MS !

But hey I’m no expert, I’m just another victim of MS !

Thanks jactac, that is what the neurologist in st george’s hospital, tooting, London,diagnosed me with so I am no expert as well !

I’m not one to question the diagnoses of a consultant neurologist but when I was being investigated for my symptoms the neuro told me that, in his opinion I did not have MS, I had a “functional disorder”.

After a lumbar puncture he had to change his mind to primary progressive MS.

So, in my opinion, you are on the the right Forum.



i think it’s just one of those labels that they stick on when they don’t have a definite answer!

it sucks.

stick with us lot because we offer a shoulder to cry on, sound advice and a big load of silly madness (see brain fog thread).

whatever label each of us has we are all in the same boat!

carole x

Have a look at I do think that many people are diagnosed with FND as a sort of ‘we’re not sure’ diagnosis. But there is no doubt that it does exist in its own right. So, in the short term, it seems that accepting the diagnosis is a starting point, and continuing to keep an open mind whilst following the guidance of your neurologist. Sue

it’s a bit like saying you have definitely got a rash but there is some uncertainty whether it’s measles/chicken pox/german measles etc

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