I had to cancel again, will I be penalized?

I had to cancel my appointment today with the JCP due to my husband getting stuck abroad with a grounded flight because of heavy snow, this is the 2nd appointment I’ve had to cancel now and wondered if I would be penalized? Whilst the gentleman at JCP was very understanding regarding my situation I’m not convinced with all that’s going on that they won’t just stop my money.

you should be ok hun, they sound like they are understanding and realise your situation and are giving you leeway for it, so i dont think you have anything to worry about, if your still worrying in the morning id call the jcp again and ask to speak to the same guy you spoke to today and let him know your concerns, he should put your mind at ease

Thanks Vicki such worrying times for us all xx

hi, yeh I would be concerned too. But it is beyond your control, when the weather keeps your hubby away.

Do you need him to go with you? Or do you have a friend who could go with you, if something similar happens again?

Is transport provided? Suppose that`s a daft question, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll I’d need my husband to go with me to get my scooter in & out of the car for me. My mum did offer to go with me but she’s in her 70’s and there is no way she could assist me with getting the scooter in & out and I wouldn’t expect her to either. Friends pffft only there when they need something!! Tranport isn’t provided, so again need use of own car! xx

hi bambi, oh I see hun.

Hope you can get to the next appointment with your hubby then.

luv Pollx