I guess that's why they call it the blues

Can I just ask if anyone else here suffers depression too?

For a few weeks now I have felt anxious, not wanting to even get dressed and quite tearful.

Is this connected or it it just me?

Yup, it’s you. :slight_smile: No man, it’s par for the course. 24 hour head aches, walking like you’re pissed. Hands not working. What’s not to love ? Chat with gp or nurse for some happy pills. 30 does me, 20 I’m a miserable shit (ok. More miserable shit), 40 and I’m bouncing off the walls. (Dosage, not pills).

And now I’m humming Gary Moore…

Sorry to hear that Kimmy. It is so frustrating to be in that place and to be honest, I haven’t managed to get dressed or have my lunch yet today either.

I’ve been struggling with depression for a while now. I can’t tell you if it is connected because I’ve been fairly miserable/anxious for most of my life.Whether my current difficulties are down to physical changes to my brain or the diagnosis and fear of what is to come, or just my changed circumstances, I have no idea.

​However, I’m having counselling now and I feel quite a bit better, more purposeful, confident and much less tearful. I even managed an invasive hospital appt without crying the other day, which is a first.

In conjunction with my counsellor, I have decided not to have antidepressants because we both feel that my depression is based in my childhood and my rather dysfunctional family and so we need to rewire my brain so that I am more resilient and anti d’s might get in the way of the therapy, but I know other people have had really good results with medication.

Happy to chat if it helps xx

It’s thought () that I may be on too many antidepressants and they are trying ‘cleaner’ drugs that work on naturopathic pain. I had asked to be referred to psychiatry long story short they don’t think I am depressed.

I had referred to my brain as a mixing pot of drugs (soup) chemicals BUT now I’m thinking a kaleidoscope of sparking colours!

try not to let the gorilla in the room beat you! Join my sparkling colours, take care be safe

Hi Kimmy,

My GP put me on Cilatopram 20 mg just after I was diagnosed in 2010, even though I wasn’t depressed at the time. My normal mood tended towards pessimism.

I’ve been taking one a day and have been relaxed and busy ever since. I much prefer this to the alternative.



Hi Kimmy

Not just you! Comes with the territory, it appears. Let off some steam on this forum, chin up, dig heels in and start cultivating the “This fscking thing isn’t going to get the best of me” attitude… we’re all behind you, better angry than beaten down and hopeless, that’s my thinking.