I don't believe it.


Every three years my driving licence has to be renewed. Fair enough. But now they want me to attend a medical by one of their registered doctors. Ok, I can live with that. It is however in Crawley. Erm, how do I get there then? I don’t have a car but I would like to keep my licence. It can be two changes on the train or one from the local station which does not have disabled access on the return platform. Looks like I’ll have to ask a favour from one of my friends. The road journey to Crawley from Crowborough is often fraught with traffic snarl-ups through East Grinstead. Is it worth it?

Best wishes, Steve.

Yes yes and thrice yes!! (You will remember that saying I think) I knew the roads round there well. Please ask the favour of a friend. I know they will understand and be only too glad to help you. I had to pay to see Dr for my licence. 10 min appt if that. Well worth it. You decide when to give up yr licence. No one else or the difficulties they throw in yr way. Good luck and let us know how you get on. I have to be assessed every five years. Anne X


Hi Steve

I agree with Anne, while you feel able to do it, you go for it, you will know when to make the decision. I am just sad that you have what sounds like a torrid journey to get to the place, seems such a shame there is nowhere closer.

Pam x

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Hi Steve,

You need to hang on to your independence and so your driving licence as long as possible.

Just a wee suggestion. Is it possible to contact “them” and explain and ask for a change in doctor/venue for your medical. This does not seem unreasonable given the very difficult journey they are asking you to take.

Fingers crossed.



I think Anne’s suggestion is certainly worth a try Steve.

Take care,

Nina x

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