I didn't know, did you ?

Hi all,
so today is voting day and my hubby does mine, thank goodness, as it’s a bloody nightmare.
Anyway I decided I was going to vote Lib dem this time, simply on Ed Davey’s very honest interview and everything he revealed about his personal life growing up caring, not only for his mum, then his grandma, but of course his on son, I thought “this man might actually care about social care” only time will tell, hopefully. anyway tonight I then find out his wife has MS

Sorry didn’t finish off, so again I thought they both might be more conerned about social care than the 2 main other’s, so I for one am glad I voted for him, just my opinion,
Jean x

Hi Jean

Yes I knew his wife had MS she’s also working as a nurse I believe.

Hope you are feeling better than last time we communicated.

Pam x

The ambulance lady mentioned to colleague she voted Green, because of climate change, I overheard on the way home from hospital just now.

I postal voted for Green too, a week ago: I know they won’t win, but I feel I’ve done my bit for the environment: we MSers need more clean air imho. :ear_of_rice:

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Hi Pam,

Yes at last that cough has gone :+1: hope you’re doing ok,
Jean x

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