I can see in my fridge!

I got my new wheelchair on Wednesday with the riser function (I had to make a financial contribution for this feature)

My shopping was delivered by Sainsburys today, putting stuff in the fridge is usually a chuck it and hope for the best but today… Up I went. It would have been exciting if I hadn’t found the mouldy carrot that had rolled to the back!

I know that people sometimes have issues with wheelchair services but I mentioned to the repair man a couple of months ago that I was struggling in the kitchen. He referred it on and the upshot is my shiny new chair. I can’t wait to go to the supermarket. It will be so lovely not to have to ask people to get things for me. Perhaps I’ll get served faster in the pub too - they tend to miss me.



Hey Jane, How are yer? I’m just browsing posts, catching up on Download 2015. KISS are on, and Eric Singer is on a drum rise going up and down with pyros either side. Maybe you can customise your chair ?.. (No mouldy carrots though…) :wink: I don’t need a chair, but I’m still a little envious… Take care, Andy

Wow…that sounds ab fab! I didnt know wheelchair services would be generous enough to get you a riser chair…but as you say, you paid towards it.

My current chair is on motabiity and costs me £103 a month. I couldve bought it for £2700 but decided I wanted the cover. so itll cost over £4k in 3 years. Regretting it now, but there you go!

My chair reclines and tilts and the legrests rise too.

luv Polx