I am passing out and stop breathing

I have been passing out and stop breathing for up to 30 seconds. The Hospitals have checked everything and they do not know why this is happening. Does any body have an idea what is this?

Sleep apnoea? I would have thought the hospitals might have suggested it, though. Can’t think of anything else it might be.

Are you on Copaxone by any chance?
This is one of the typical side effects.

Other than that, have you had your blood-oxygen level checked? The problem might just be to do with your lung efficiency.


hi derekch, as above mentioned, thats all i can think of too tbh.

for the last year and half,just over,ive been having what i thought was MS symptoms. i recently requested a MRI, and not long after that was done, they requested a CT scan with dye.

this was so they could see blood vessels in my neck,feeding the brain

i got a call from my neurologist,telling me that they had found a blockage in my right interoir carotod arteryand exterior.

the symptoms have turned out to be mini strokes, and they have no idea why yet as to the cause. ive had various bloods taken and am awaiting the results…

they have said they cant operate t remove the blockage,tho i shall ba asking about this!!

i am on DMDs, gilenya since july 14.

i have arthritas,vertigo,IBS. migranes, not suprisingly!

the stroke doc i was refered to said its rare my age/sex/MS to be diagnosed with this,and my neurologist seemd v suprised when i spoke on the phone with him! i can tell u i was too!!im not 40 till aug 30th…great birthday pressie huh?!

goes without saying ,im high risk for a real stroke. thats scaring me more than the MS! ive posted hoping someone can say im not alone lol.

i have a great husband,we’ve been married 6 yrs in nov

when i have these floops as i call em,he has to pick me up off the floor and carry me to bed. i cant do anything at that point.

Lynda xx