I am attempting to claim Attendance allowance does anyone know about this?

Hi, I haven’t been on here for quite a while. I take Tecfidera but my white blood count is very low. It has been .2 for quite .a few months. The MS nurse called me yesterday & said they would like me to take a break from taking. I am worried that I will relapse, has this happened to anyone else? Regards try & stay well Helly

Hi Helly, I dont know anything about Tecfidera, but regarding your Attendance Allowance claim;

I am on PIP and a few tips for when I claimed this are;
they arent really interested in a diagnosis as much as how it affects your everyday activites.

Tell them if you need equipment or a person to help you with getting up, washing, toileting, feeding, going out etc.

Send as much medical info as possible ie letters of attending appointments and the outcomes

Dont take some people’s advice of saying everything is worse everyday day. they see through that.

Hope it works out well for you.

Hi, thanks for replies. I am now appealing to get Attendance Allowance. I was turned down when i asked for my case to be looked at again. I think the appeal takes months so I hope its worth it. I didnt claim PIP & I am past the age now to claim it so the only help I can get is A.A. Fingers crossed I am successful. Love to all & I hope everyone is as well as they can be. XX