Husband has short term memory loss

My husband has ppms and the latest progression is he has short term memory loss. After he has eaten he cannot remember what he has eaten. He calls me lots of time at work because he forgets we have just spoken. He will app be seeing a Neuro psychiatrist.

Maybe post it notes will help jog his memory. Put them around the house for when you are out.


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photo of his dinner?

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Are there memory clinics where you are Caz? My mother in law went to one when she started losing her short term memory. They aim to teach people some things to help them with the memory issues. I think it helped a little bit. There were a few things that were suggested, and some others that we came up with ourselves.

For example, we got her a blackboard, so notes could be left on there. We also got her a clock that has the time, day of the week, date so she didn’t feel so anxious about times etc. Tablets of course come in blister packs from the pharmacy. We tried to encourage her to write things down that had happened, this was only semi successful, as she had to remember to write the mini diary, and then to look at it later to see what had happened. I think leaning new habits is incredibly hard with short term memory problems, but it’s not completely impossible. The more repetition the better.

The neuro psychiatrist/ psychologist will be a help, they are pretty good at assessing exactly what is going wrong with the cognitive behaviour. I’ve had an assessment, comparatively my short term memory isn’t too bad, but there are some deficits. But my real problems are in processing of information, this is considered a typical ‘MS brain’ problem. It means I need to concentrate harder, I can only cope with a certain amount of external stimulus, multi tasking is absolutely impossible. So hopefully you’ll be able to learn to manage your husbands memory problems so it’s less worrying for you both.


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Thanks for all your helpful replies.