husband got appointment for ms nurses

Hello its julie again husband has got an appointment for ms nurses ,What do the ms nurses do? Not sure what to expect we are all going because they said it would be helpfull if i went so they could talk to me julie

Hi Julie… me again!

MS nurses are great as they give you more time than the neuro… and they know loads more about the everyday stuff of living with MS.

So you can discuss symptoms… best way to deal with them, med’s and the best ones to try. You can ask questions and even ask about those little irritating problems that you don’t like to bother neuro with.

They can do referals too… for bladder or bowels or anything. They can help by providing a letter for benefits, or tell you how to get mobility aids or adaptations to your home.

So write yourself a list of anything you want to discuss… and I mean anything. They’ve heard it all before & nothing fazes them.

Good luck with it. Really they can be much better than seeing the neuro!

Pat x

Thanks pat i will have a think what want to ask and wright it down so i dont forget.Hubbys on 50mg of amitriptyline daily now, and starting to think he is an alien still having no affect on him.What with the steriods,&2 different eye drops good job gets free prescriptions would cost a fortune otherwise.xx julie