Hello everyone,

I have a question for you all, ‘Do you hurt, ache, struggle to do things the more you do’ what I mean is if I’m feeling alright I tend to hit things really hard, the hoovering, dusting, change beds etc etc… I can go for a couple of hours then things are getting bad like the polish will fly out of my hand, I wouldn’t be able to bend down to pick up that one sock that always falls when carrying the washing through!!! yesterday it was the milk that flew when i’d decided that this was my body saying “bloody sit down women” and when I’d managed to clean up the milk that had gone everywhere! I hurt, I actually felt like i had tooth ache all over my legs were twitching, along with other stuff i won’t list…

this happens all the time, so I wondered if its what happens or I just getting on!!! I am due in the next month to go for my mri, bloods and lumber puncture…



Hi Andrea,

Yes, I tend to ache and hurt even when I’m not doing anything!..I’ts a struggle for me to get out of bed, when I eventually do, I find that my ankles and knees feel really stiff…takes a while for them to feel ok and for a while I’m hobbling around.

I sometimes overdo things I think, like housework, and then I tend to feel shaky inside, my arms and legs feel like they’re tremoring, but only inside If you see what I mean.

I also find that even squeezing the washing up liquid out, hurts my hands and chopping up vegetables, and getting pans from the oven really hurts and it feels like my wrists are going to give way…I thought it was just me getting older!.


Have to say during the day I try to keep moving as much as I can,even if its just pottering in the garden,as I know when I finally sit down for a length of time when I get up I will do a good impression of a very arthritic old woman.All my joints hurt and I’m as stiff as a board.

My family have taken the pingit advert and changed it to plodit when Im finally up.

I had thought it was only when I had overdone it, as I do alot of gardening on good days,but sadly when I read your post and thought about it Im aware it is generally getting like that most of the time.

So yes I sympathise with you, I take it you are in limbo at the moment but have you got meds to help with pain and spasms etc as your gp can prescribe those to help while you are waiting on your tests?

Take care


Hi Andrea. I ache all over, even when I have done something really minor like make a cuppa or put the wash machine on :frowning: I can also understand the tremors inside Wendy, its really horrible and it also makes my right arm jerk more when I am tired. And last night in bed I woke up several times with my left leg jerking :frowning: kinda makes me feel like Im falling to pieces really. Limboland is a tough place to be, but I am on Tramadol and Amyltriptiline. My GP doesnt want to give me anything for the jerking/tremors as she wants the neuro to see me like this… cheers doc :frowning: x

Thanks for the reply’s…

I am in Limbo at the mo, it’s not going to be to long before I go in… I am going in for everything because I live on a island. You know Wendy when you said your knees, I have off late found that even when I get up in the middle of the night for the loo, ithe pain in my knees due to stiffness is nasty… at first I thought this was caused by the nasty fall I had, but that was months ago now so it shouldn’t really hurt that much. Pip I take co codamol and iburfen and amitriptyline for the pain…

stiffening up is a huge problem when i’ve sat for to long, the more i ache the more i drop or trip… My elbows, knees, hips, lower back, and my neck of late all hurt…

hey ho, i’ll find out soon enough I guess…

Thanks again, I hope your well.


I used to be on tramadol, after major hip surgery nearly three years ago and I had a hell of a time coming off that, so I will suffer till I know whats what… At first I was thinking that all the stiffness I had was due to not been mobile for a year! but falling, pins and needles and everything else like my eye! its all just to much. the tremors that you talk of, I’m interested in exactly how they make you feel??? I get what I call the shakes but have thought maybe my blood sugars are low, i’m not a diabetic but know that everyones sugar levels can drop! it’s not a nice feeling dizziness tends to surround me when this happens…

Would love to hear if this is similar or not?

I found I needed baclofen and gabapentin added to my list to help with the stiffness and pain.

When I first started the baclofen the relief in my legs was huge,you do have to tinker with the dose to get it right though and starting low, its well worth discussing with the gp.