Huge weight just left the room

at last- i plucked up the courage to speak to hubby- after a traumatic friday-told him i was leaving.

we have had a brill talk, ive explained everything- we arnt sure how to move forward with some things but, im going to down grade work, and talk to my brother about taking on some aspects of the business that are getting busy, and need someone to put a lot of time and effort into, i have always felt so terribly guilty about not pulling my weight and inadvertantly ended up doing a lot of stuff really badly, he said he never expected me to do as much as i am- he is happy for me to be at home doing mum/housewify’stuff if thats what i want, our sticking point is i have no outside space- which is strange as we live in the countryside- its a bit complicated but we share all outside space with MiL. my world ends at the back door,i love her to bits but she is very protective of the outdoor side of things. and im worried that if im just here my world is going to be very clostrafobic- but at the same time if we say we want some outside space for our selves am i just adding more preassure to hubby if at any time im not well enough to keep it up.

your thoughts would be appreciated

BC xx

It’s better to have things out in the open rather than have them festering. Glad you’ve talked to your husband. Re the garden, could your MIL maybe give you a bit that you could then slab over, that’s very low maintenance, and easy to get about on - if you wanted plants, you could have them in pots?

Luisa x

Hi, got the wrong end of the stick at first…thought you meant you were leaving your marriage! so you meant the job!

Sounds like it`s the right thing for you now. you know your limitations better than anyone else.

The mil issue needs to be addressed asap, otherwise you will both get resentful and then you`ll wish you were back at work!

I loved my mil to bits, but when she moved in, things were fine for a while and then BOOM! it all went t…s up!

Enjoy your retirement.

luv Pollx