Huge donation.

Rowling, the author of the beloved book series Harry Potter, has donated more than $19 million to multiple sclerosis (MS) research in honour of her mother. The University of Edinburgh in Scotland announced the donation in a press release Thursday.

She also donated £10m a number of years ago when her mother died aged 45, I thing from MS. She has a personal fortune of £750m just from writing books Do you thing it will produce a cure. There is a phase 1 completed trial on a drug to help Mylin repair on the news.

Hi Bertie, the voluntary donations are truly wonderful, from the modest author.’ I’m usually a positive person, but I doubt a cure will ever materialise. It’d be enough if further damage is prevented for all types of M.S. I understand MS is diagnosed with lesions/plaques showing on the MRI. Some damage has to have occurred. There is always hope though.

Ocrevus is now available to early and active PPMS cases. I pray it’s a success and becomes available for all types - Long term RRMS,PPMS, SPMS and all other types.

Ms Rowlings donation is great. I know she has to pay 50% of her income to the Tax man, and she can off set the donation against her own tax bill. It’s not only generous, it’s a tax efficient business decision too. If only more Millionaires made the same, logical decision eh?.

Chrissie x