Hudl not MS

Has anyone got a hudl and if so can you please say if it can be used as an ebook reader ?

Do you find it ok to use.?

Grateful for any info, thank you.


Hi Ell,

My better half has one, so I just asked her and she said you can get books from google on it without any problems.

Hope that helps


Thanks Alan :slight_smile:

Hudl runs on Android.
There are several ebook readers for Android (I use Aldiko on another make of tablet).
Get Calibre on your PC and you can do a lot of conversion between book formats.
Get your books from Library Genesis, or obooko (Google them).


I use my kindle in bed to talk on here and for books great bit of kit.

Thanks everyone for all your thoughts and info…I am going to get a tablet of one sort or another and have a go with it.



There’s a big difference between the screen technologies used for a dedicated e-book reader or a tablet.

It’s far more likely that reading on a tablet will tire the eyes a lot quicker than on a purpose-built e-book reader, so please be aware of that.

You’d probably be ok to read on a tablet for about an hour, before it starts to become uncomfortable (…a dedicated ‘reader’ would probably stay comfy for several hours).

I have a kindle for reading, and a tablet for surfing/emailing etc. I wouldn’t try to use one of these devices for things the other device was made for !!


I agree thats it is better to read from something that is not backlit - I can read my kindle for hours and frequently do (one good thing about having insomnia). I would find it very difficult to be without my kindle now.

Try kindofbook - they have great deals every day of either free or cheap books. You can go to their website and get them to send you an email every day with all sorts of genres.

JBK xx