Hubby speaking less and less

Hi all Over the last 2 months my husband has been speaking less and less. The speech and language therapist has given exercises to do with my husband. It is so sad knowing he is there but whatever these nasty lesions are doing is stripping me of a good man. I feel like i am morning someone who is still alive.

hi caz

cuddles can happen without talk.

keep the closeness going.

ms is a total F*$%^&!!!

don’t let it part you from your good man.


Yes cuddles do happen but talking i muss a lot.

Aw Caz

​I am sorry. MS is the cruelest of bloody diseases. Having to watch the man you love so diminished is terribly sad.

I’m glad he is still there enough for cuddles to happen. And for you both to know there is still love.


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My husband died a few months ago now and i cant talk to him, or cuddle him. I wish to hell i could. I write to him everyday in a journal to tell him about what I am doing.

It must be terribly frustrating for your hubby to not to be able to talk to you. can you find away around it. what about a speech generation device. does he or is he able to use the computer as you can use the keyboard to type with your mouse.

Just lots of cuddles and maybe talk to him I know you must be lonely not having him talk to you, but he must be sad too.

I am so sorry for you both its hard to cope watching a loved one decline like that but you still have each other, and love always finds a way. xxxxxxxxxxx


Hi thanks for your comments…he can still speak just less now.

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hi caz

hope you are doing well and hope your husband has found his voice.

i get annoyed with mine because he’ll come in from the pub, get in bed (where i’m sleeping soundly) and tell me in minute detail who he was talking to and what they had to say. i say “shush i’m asleep” but he keeps on talking!

now i’m going to be more patient and appreciate him more.

this thread seems to be one of the things keeping you going.

it’s the beauty of this forum.

wishing you all good things

carole x

One of the hardest for me is calling him while at work on a hands free system i have setup. He can hear me he says but doesn’t always respond. Luckily carers visit frequently but just knowing he is ok stops my anxiety while at work. Its not easy.

he’s lucky that he married such a strong woman and you are lucky too.

it’s good to hear that he has carers calling frequently.

stay strong love

keep on keeping on

carole x