Hubby Not sleeping

Hi all,

Last night my husband stayed awake until the early hours of this morning watching tv with earphones in as he said he couldn’t sleep. I told him he would be weaker in the morning if not getting any rest.

Well this morning the carer comes and he cannot transfer onto his bathlift.

Do you find if you do not sleep during the night that you are weaker next day?

It makes me start to wonder if other things maybe wrong.


Always suffer if no sleep. But always suffer if lounge in bed too long instead of moving slowly through life…MS =balance in all things I’ve found. Boring

Yes. I’m one of life’s poor sleepers. I had a bad night last night too, and I’ve struggled all day today.

Its a vicious circle, if I rest too much in the daytime I can’t sleep, then I have a bad day and keep dozing off so I don’t sleep…

Also like slug I have to get moving to keep moving.

I sleep poorly too due to pain. I go days where I hardly sleep and im a zombie! I don’t know how I get through the day sometimes. Hope we all get a good nites sleep very soon! X

Thanks all.

cannabis and red wine are good for a decent sleep.

meanwhile, looking at bright lights, (such as tv screens, monitors, lap tops and palm tops,) is apparently very bad.

hubby should read a book. ‘chick lit’ will probably be pretty dull and thus sleep inducing…

just a thought.